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Carol Ende is coming back!

We are very excited about welcoming back Carol Ende from Alaska. Carol has seen the Eden Alternative grow with Dr. Bill and his wife Jude Thomas from its infancy. And now, Carol is part of our journey in South Africa. And trust me, The Eden Alternative in South Africa is growing…

Last year Carol presented the Leadership Pathways Training for us. This year, we are looking at creating a “train the trainer” package to help Associates grow their carers (direct care partners). This two-day workshop will explore the intricacies of “non-western adult learning theory” through an experimental way of changing the way that carers engage with their work. A lot of time and resources are spent on training, and often we hear clients asking “please, can you come and motivate my staff?” We believe that the secret to motivating people, to get to them to be self-driven, lies within a different approach to learning. It is our aim to expand the possibilities of how we are in the workplace, and not just of what we do. Successful learning changes the way that people communicate, the way they see themselves and others. If there is a true and authentic connectedness, their being in the world will be transformed.

Any organization or home is only as good as the front-line carer. No matter how beautiful the place, the touch of a carer is ultimately how quality of care is defined. Investing in the well-being of staff, creating a new identity of World Maker, a connectedness between staff and residents and families, will give a new meaning to their roles. This growth will give autonomy – the self assuredness that they are doing the right thing, for the right reason. This in turn leads to a sense of security – knowing that they are an integral part of the business. The joy that is experienced by a carer who truly cares is ultimately the source of self motivation.

Make sure you do not miss this workshop!

For  booking details contact Magda at

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Ilse Haasbroek

It was really such a magnificent time, learning and absorbing from the best in the World. Thank you for a great experience, and the privilege to be part of the SA Wheel coming into move.

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