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Can Genrotoromcoms reduce Gerontophobia?

The Eden Alternative South Africa has definitely been placed on the map with its mention in the 2017 World Health Organisation report. South Africa, with a select example of an Eden registered facility, has been named as a leader in the field of institutional aged care in the recent publication [please refer to WHO (2017). […]

Ageism – how do older people see themselves?

“Societal ageism feeds perceptions that older people have little to contribute to society or the economy. Although the South African Older Person’s Act of 2006 exists to maintain and promote the rights, status, well-being, safety and security of older persons, the act and its regulations are poorly implemented and these issues are overlooked as older people […]

Person-Directed Appreciation

By Denise Hyde – From her wisdom and experience with many an organisation, Denise shared the following on the blog of The Eden Alternative website ‘Those that know me, or have had me facilitate a training, know that the phrase “I read a book …” is stated often. Well, it’s true, and here is one […]

Alexander Forbes took note…

The Eden Alternative was mentioned in Alexander Forbes’s annual Benefits Barometer publication as ‘a transformative model of care that advocates person-directed solutions of care as opposed to the conventional practice where the institution dictates the daily routines for an individual’ Part 2, Chapter 5, p122.  This phenomenal (341 page) document is worth a read. Its origin […]

New Research Reveals Positive Impact of Person-Directed Care

A Signature Research Institute study highlights the impact of the Eden Alternative Ten Principles Authors Angie McAllister and Jeff Beaty have detailed the results of a recent study completed by Signature HealthCare regarding the impact of person-directed care practices on some of their communities.  Published in the Journal of Aging Science, their article shares the […]

Carol Ende is coming back!

We are very excited about welcoming back Carol Ende from Alaska. Carol has seen the Eden Alternative grow with Dr. Bill and his wife Jude Thomas from its infancy. And now, Carol is part of our journey in South Africa. And trust me, The Eden Alternative in South Africa is growing… Last year Carol presented the […]

Commitment Ceremonies

Rand Aid Association’s Ron Smith Care Centre is now officially an Eden Alternative Registered Home!  In order to acknowledge and thank all staff and volunteers for their contribution towards this major achievement, management initiated Commitment Ceremonies on each of the residential wings and for all care centre departments.  Each person was gifted with an “Eden […]

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