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Commitment Ceremonies


Rand Aid Association’s Ron Smith Care Centre is now officially an Eden Alternative Registered Home!  In order to acknowledge and thank all staff and volunteers for their contribution towards this major achievement, management initiated Commitment Ceremonies on each of the residential wings and for all care centre departments. 

Each person was gifted with an “Eden Bag” which features a reminder on what it means to follow the Eden Alternative way.  We talked about the message on the bag and then each person selected a “pledge tag” and was asked to fill out one side of their tag with their name and work area.  On the other side, they were to write their personal commitment for following  the Eden way of giving person-centred care and to bring quality of life and well-being to our Elders and to each other.  Staff were then asked to hang their pledge tag on our special “Eden Tree” so that we can all be reminded of our personal commitment to the Eden Alternative.

Debbie Christen


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Vincenzo Paolino

Congrats from Almacasa in Switzerland!

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