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Our new resident is a man of culture and learning. His family are very proud of his achievements and his values, which include kindness to people, animals and nature.

‘Prof’ was admitted to Erica dementia unit in the beginning of 2013. His wife took great care to ensure that the transition was as smooth as possible, but he was unhappy – and thought that he had been admitted to hospital.

 Prof’s appetite was poor and he simply wasn’t interested in meals. Staff nurse Linda Esterhuizen offered him the food supplement, and he told her “I don’t drink milkshake”. He continued to pick at his food at mealtimes.

About a week after he joined Erica, Prof looked up at the lunch table and said  “Can I have a menu, please?” Linda sprung into action. She quickly made up a menu and enlisted the help of male nurse, Sylvester – who rearranged his apron and introduced himself as “waiter of the day”.

Prof read through the menu and asked for “a small portion, please”.

He wanted to see the wine list too.  Linda presented him with a bottle of sauvignon blanc, – supplied by his wife – and he ordered a glass. That day Prof finished his soup, main course and dessert – and then asked for the ‘bill’. He is very impressed with the menus – so Linda gives him one with every meal. He really enjoys his food.

This was a turning point for Prof. He began to relax and started to communicate with fellow residents.

This story was sent in by Jaqui Sinclair  from Erica  – Dementia Unit, Nerina Gardens, Fish Hoek

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