Improving the lives of older people
and their carers by transforming the
communities in which they live and work"

Benefits of Joining

Eden-artwork-(2)-1Bill_Thomas_PhotoWhat is the EDEN Register?

Homes listed on the EDEN SA Register have made a commitment to strive for the Principles and Practices of The Eden Alternative. They receive education, resources and support to continue the work of transforming their care practices, find new ways to define the relationship between all Care Partners and create a life worth living for everyone in their home and community.

You will find Eden Registry Members at all different stages of the process, which does not mean that one home is better than the other. The important thing to remember is that the organisation has made a commitment to strive for a better way and that implementing The Eden Alternative is a never-ending journey.

Why have a Register?

Dr. Bill and Jude Thomas created the Registry to honour organisations committed to the challenging work of transforming traditional approaches to care into a person-directed alternative. In a society which seldom honours caring for another as a fine art, we need to uplift and celebrate those who have chosen this career path. The Eden Registry offers this opportunity and affirms that it can, indeed, be different.

The Eden Alternative name is a powerful promotional partner and marketing tool. The Eden Alternative web site (USA) alone experiences roughly 8,000 hits a month. The Eden Registry serves as a resource for those seeking an inspired workplace and for individuals and families who want something that reaches beyond the traditional model of care.

Even though Eden Alternative South Africa only came into existence in November 2011, we already get calls and emails from family members looking for an Eden Registry organsation for their loved ones.

Another benefit of being on the Eden Register, is that it serves as an investment in the longer term sustainability of the culture change process that was embarked on by the current leadership. The culture change process needs to be driven and nurtured like a garden. Should a new leader or ‘gardener’ emerge and not understand why or how this new culture should be sustained, the institutional way of doing things will very likely return to the home. All the good that was created over time through hard work and dedication could be destroyed.


When you register with the Eden Alternative you join an ever-widening family of organisations, professionals, and Elders dedicated to transforming the world of long-term care. Beyond that satisfaction, though, are some very tangible benefits, which include:

  • Permission to use the Eden Alternative SA trade-marked name in your marketing information and for public relations purposes (whilst a financial and actively participating member in the Eden Alternative.)
  • Your organisation listed on the SA website and a link to your website should you have one
  • The Register provides a reputable source for members of the public to locate Edenising homes and services;
  • A brochure to share with visitors;
  • A press release for the local media to announce your Eden Registry membership;
  • A subscription to our electronic newsletter for Registered Homes, providing stories from your peers and other resources;
  • Submission of Eden Warmth Surveys for Elders, employees and families with the ability to receive back an aggregate report of the results by question;
  • A beautiful ‘ Eden Tree ‘ to display while on the Registry;
  • The ability to submit and compare baseline data to assess progress related to your peers on the Eden Registry;
  • Access to private “Registered Homes Only” pages on the Eden Alternative website where additional tools, resources and educational support materials are located;
  • Discount on attendance of Eden training courses;
  • The Path to Mastery: the Art of Creating a Caring Community™ is available only to Eden Registry homes. A tool to guide and monitor progress on the Eden Alternative journey and provide a way to compare your home’s growth to that of your peers on the Eden Registry.
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