Improving the lives of older people
and their carers by transforming the
communities in which they live and work"

Journey to Join the Register

Eden-artwork-(2)-1Joining the Eden Registry will tell the whole world that your organisation/home is stepping up to create a home where life is worth living. It is a never-ending journey and requires a strong commitment from leadership to drive the changes.

Full integration of The Eden Alternative impacts the physical environment, organisational structure, and psycho-social interactions of the organisation. Individual Principles highlight different aspects of your Eden Alternative journey. In establishing goals for growth, homes may consider how to best live out each Principle for the benefit of the Elders, the staff, and the organisation as a whole. Keep in mind that The Eden Alternative is a journey, not a destination.

For more details read the Journey to joining the EDEN SA Register 2017

All organisations joining the Registry will complete Milestone 1 in the Path to Mastery™: The Art of Creating a Caring Community. This is a new resource developed by The Eden Alternative to help guide organisations through levels of mastery with the Principles and how to leap forward in the journey to the next level of mastery.

If you are interested in joining the Eden Registry, please contact the Eden Home Office at 021 461 7754 /

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