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Eden Path to Mastery Guide Milestone 1 – TAFTA 2017

In October I spent time with the TAFTA leaders in Durban during our 4th Visit in the Eden Path to Mastery Guide Milestone 1 process.

It was exciting and heart warming to hear how, slowly but surely, The Eden Alternative Philosophy is becoming part of the thinking and doing of this big and dynamic organisation.

Hearing stories of how the Elder’s lives are touched and joy, meaning, connection, autonomy and identity is materializing more and more, is really a privilege!

Another gem is seeing how honest and open questioning leads not just to creative solutions, but also to stronger relationships among those that made the commitment (and work hard) to create a life worth living for all.

On the other side, seeing how the content of this Guide Process really supports, inspires and strengthens this team to take the next step (leap) and continue on this journey, makes me grateful for those that have walked this path before and was willing to share their wisdom and experience.

Thank you Eden Alternative USA Home office and thank you all those who contributed to the Path to Mastery Resource and to compiling this Guide process! Your efforts are making a difference far beyond the borders of your country! Denise Hyde and Carol Ende, thank you for always being there to support us!

Looking forward to the last visit in the Guide Process in January 2018!

Magda Pienaar

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