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Eden Pathway in SA


The Eden Pathway in South Africa

The first step to the Eden Alternative is commitment to its principles, followed by training of key staff to become Eden Associates.

To however get the commitment, people need to know and understand more about what the Eden Philosophy is all about.

The best way to introduce this to your leaders (Board, Management, residents and families) is the Open Hearts Open Minds introductory session.

Open Hearts, Open Minds – An Introduction to the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative

Open the hearts of everyone who lives and works within your organisation with this compelling introduction to the power of the Eden Alternative’s Ten Principles. This 4-hour learning experience is a meaningful way to introduce especially to board members and management, life in a person-centred care culture. Once hearts are opened, minds will follow!

Presented on request and at minimal charge (only transport and, where appropriate, accommodation cost of presenter if outside Cape Town)

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Once people know about the philosophy and want to commit to improving the well being of Elders, then core leaders can gain an in-depth knowledge by attending the 3 day Eden Associate Training.

Eden Associate Training

Eden Associate Training has been proven to offer practical tools, resources, and inspiration that empower individuals and teams to initiate and maintain effective change in long-term care.

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The Eden Alternative, although a simplistic philosophy, is a comprehensive approach which has to be applied and lived by all parties involved, to ensure the quality of life of residents and employees are improved. For this reason we suggest that employees on all levels as well as residents and families must be informed and encouraged to actively engage in their role as part of this culture change process.

Care Partners: Putting Person Centred values into Practice is a very effective way to not just introduce the Eden Alternative philosophy and principles to staff, residents and families, but also to recognise them as active and valuable care partners within the home and community.

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Take action: Start on the Path to Mastery

For more than 15 years, Eden Registry Members over the world have been implementing our Philosophy and Principles. This experience has now been integrated into a new resource that is available to Registry Members committed to transformational change via The Eden Alternative.

The Path to Mastery™: The Art of Creating a Caring Community is,

  • A guiding hand for organisations new to The Eden Alternative;
  • A touchstone for organisations experienced with The Eden Alternative;
  • A stepwise approach to implementing and sustaining transformational change; and
  • A framework for implementation that is highly adaptable to each organisation’s unique culture.

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