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First Eden Registered Home

SilwerkruinEden Alternative South Africa® is proud to announce that Silwerkruin ACVV Huis vir Bejaardes is the first to become a member of our Registry, not just in South Africa but in Africa. Silwerkruin joins more than 350 international long-term care communities committed to improving the quality of life and care for the people they serve.

It started eight years ago when the Silwerkruin Board of Management decided they wanted to create a home with a difference – a home where there are authentic relationships between residents and staff, defying the bad press that most “old age homes” in South Africa are subject to. With the help of GERATEC they embarked on a journey towards person-centred care, truly empowering staff to understand their roles in making a real difference in lives of older people.

In 2010 The Eden Alternative was introduced to South Africa, and Silwerkruin embraced the philosophy with an open heart! The first ever Eden Alternative Associate training in Africa was held at Silwerkruin. This journey catapulted the home into renewed energy and passion – the team wanted to be the first registered home in South Africa. Six years later – their dream has come true. Through hard work, commitment, endurance, passion and above all, believing in the staff as their greatest asset, ACVV Silwerkruin is a home where residents have a life worth living, where staff are true care partners, and work is a haven away from home for many of them. Lives have been changed.

This is the first step on the Path to Mastery Milestone One, the foundation on which to create culture change that will last.

Want to know where Silwerkruin is, have a look here.


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