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Welcome to the private access page for the Eden Registry Members. This is your connection to additional resources and support that are a benefit to your on-going commitment to creating a life worth living for the Elders and the care partners.

This is also your site for sharing ideas and materials that have assisted you in the Eden journey. If you have a resource that you would like to share with the Registry community, please send it to Magda Pienaar, Coordinator at


This page contains links and ideas of tools that homes working on implementing the Eden Alternative can use to support them in their journey. If you have tools you would like to share with the Eden Registry community, please send them to the Coordinator at

Topics on this page:

  • Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys
  • Well-Being Measures
  • Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool
  • Creating Home with the Eden Alternative
  • Creating a 30-second elevator speech about the Eden Alternative
  • Tools from Registry Members
  • Educational Articles from The Vine – Eden Alternative USA Newsletter

Eden Alternative Warmth Surveys

The Eden Warmth Surveys measure the levels of optimism, trust and generosity within an organisation that is going through change. With warm soil, people’s heart will be open so they can embrace the change process. It is recommended that homes conduct the Eden Warmth Surveys as they begin their journey and then regularly throughout the journey.

Organisations on the Eden Registry should attempt to do all or a good cross-section of the employees, Elders and families annually just to make sure that perceptions about the amount of warmth in the organisation is accurate. Cold soil, no matter where it may be found, can become a barrier as new ideas are implemented. The surveys can be completed on paper forms and couriered to the Eden SA Home Office for aggregated results.

Contact the Coordinator at for more details. Below are the Eden Warmth Surveys:

EDEN ALTERNATIVE SA Warmth Survey for Elders
EDEN ALTERNATIVE SA Warmth Survey for employees
EDEN ALTERNATIVE SA Warmth Survey for families

Afrikaans versions:

EDEN ALTERNATIVE SA Warmth vraelys vir Inwoners

EDEN ALTERNATIVE SA Warmth vraelys vir personeel

EDEN ALTERNATIVE SA Warmth vraelys vir familie

Well-Being Measures

The ultimate goal of culture change is well-Being for all – all care partners (employees, family members, volunteers, and the Elder herself), the organisation and ultimately the larger community. How can you take the concept of well-being and make it come alive for those who live and work in your community? The Eden Alternative has answered this need by identifying seven Domains of Well-Being: identity, growth, autonomy, security, connectedness, meaning and joy.

Assessment Tools have been created to measure well-being for individuals, teams and groups. Once understood, the language of the seven domains can be woven into daily life. Well-being, as a frame of reference, requires a focus on strengths, possibilities, dreams and goals of each individual. Well-being presents the opportunity to define quality of life in terms of what each individual can do and what they have to offer their communities.

Download the packet and Excel spreadsheet below to learn more about the Domains of Well-Being and how they can be measured. An online version of the Assessment Tools is available. Contact the Coordinator at if you have any questions. The July 29, 2012 webinar recording is also available along with a handout of the slides.

Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being WhitePaper

Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being Assessment Tool Packet (Please note, online submissions are not yet possible in South Africa.)

Eden Alternative Well-Being Assessment tools

Eden Alternative Well-Being Assesserings (Afrikaans)


Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool

The Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool used to be called the Registered Home Assessment Tool. It has been renamed so that it can become a resource to all homes working on the Eden Alternative.

The tool provides a method for Registry Members to assess how well they are doing on integrating the Ten Principles into the daily life of the home. The tool is sent out as a part of the re-registration packet, but could be put to use anytime during a home’s Eden journey.

Eden Alternative Principles in Action Tool

Creating Home with the Eden Alternative

What does the transformation process from the institutional model of care to the Eden Alternative look like when filtered through the Ten Principles. We have created a document that demonstrates that process. It is called “Creating Home with the Eden Alternative “. It will be included in the updated version of Haleigh’s Almanac and the Eden Associate training. Review the document and send us your thoughts of other ideas you would include based on your experiences in going through the transformation process.

Creating Home with the Eden Alternative

Creating a 30-second elevator speech about the Eden Alternative

Another tool homes can use in their Eden journey is to work with everyone on creating a 30-second elevator speech that speaks to what the Eden Alternative is, why the organisation is implementing the Philosophy and the difference it is making in the lives of others. Making it something you can say in a 30-second elevator ride helps people focus in on the words that are the most important and makes it easily memorisable. Here are some examples developed at St. John’s Home in Rochester, NY:

  • St. John’s encourages me to develop relationships with elders, sit down and talk with them, hear what they are saying. We create an environment where listening and relationship building is central to meaningful living.
  • At St.John’s we provide the companionship and empowerment that are essential for elders to feel at home and make decisions about their daily lives.
  • Loneliness, helplessness and boredom are the results of our viewing our work as just another job, or allowing ourselves to become trapped in the institutional characteristics of rigidity, structure and schedule.

So what is your 30-second elevator speech about your Eden journey? Write it up and start practicing it today!

Tools from Registry Members:

In South Africa

  • Debbie Christen, Manager Recreational Programmes at Ron Smith Care Centre (Rand Aid) in Johannesburg, shared their first steps of empowering the staff to plan and host the Happy Hour in the wings (neighbourhoods) and thus growing the leaderships skills of others. 

In the USA

  • West Jordan Care Center, West Jordan, UT – check out this talents and expertise sheet used to gather information from new care partners
  • Kathleen Burnett, Regional Coordinator and Sylvia Bleyswk, Eden Mentor for Eastern Canada – get involved with  Jelly Beanology , a great way to learn new information about each other in a fun way!
  • Hillside Rehabilitation Center in Salt Lake City, UT has created a Code of ethics for their Eden core team. They hope it will inspire other leadership teams to do the same.
  • Chicora Medical Center, Chicora, PA, is part of Quality Life Services. Anyone applying to work for one of their homes, receives a letter that explains their culture and what will be expected of them as an employee. If the person is interested in applying, after reading and signing the letter, they then receive the application form and move forward in the hiring process.
  • Regina Lutheran Home in Regina, SK has created a great Code of Ethics for their leadership team.
  • Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill, Lafayette Hill, PA – Principle 8 exercise used in their 7 hour Eden education workshop for care partners


Educational Articles from ‘The Vine’– Eden Alternative USA Newsletter

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