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More stories shared = more possibilities for growth and joy

Most people do not like the thought of a written assignment, however the assignment that forms part of the 3 day Eden Associate training has delivered some stories of magical moments of growth and life changing events. One of those came from an assignment submitted by Magdel Hugo, a nursing manager at Garden Village, Methodist Homes in Randburg.

As part of a ‘Get to know residents’ initiative Magdel tells this story.

‘After explaining to the resident about the initiative, the resident in question gave information voluntary. I explained to him that his situation was very unique and that through determination he accomplished so much and sharing it with others will make them aware that the Care Centre is not always the end of the journey and that not all our residents are living with dementia. Residents do grow.

At the same time the residents who volunteer in writing his story were amazed and are determined to visit again to find out more and be supportive of this resident on his path to wellness again.

The resident also felt that there are people who are caring and are interested in his well-being. It was good to talk about his near death experience, his determination to walk again, about his supportive family, the multidisciplinary care team and his dream to still visit his family overseas in June next year etc.


The first step in a very long time

This amazing story about a 83 year old Managing director who was misdiagnosed, suffered from two strokes, spend some time in hospital and in rehabilitation without seeing the sun. How our care team worked together to make his wish come true, managed to hoist him into a wheelchair after six months to get him in the sun, how he endlessly thanked us for just feeling the sun on his face. He is on a long journey to be well again, he is now managing to eat by himself without being fed through a peg. He manages to stand with assistance of our care team and manages one step on Friday, 9/09/2016.

His sons were not present, and I volunteered to record this mayor accomplishment which I showed to him afterwards. He requested that I must forward the clippings to his sons.’

Thank you Magdel and your team of care partners for making a difference everyday and helping others to grow! We believe that stories like this can change the way people think about the potential of a life worth living in a care centre.

Do you have a story of growth and joy that happened in a care centre? Please share so we can inspire others.

Magda Pienaar, Operations Coordinator, Eden Alternative South Africa.

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