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New Research Reveals Positive Impact of Person-Directed Care

A Signature Research Institute study highlights the impact of the Eden Alternative Ten Principles

Authors Angie McAllister and Jeff Beaty have detailed the results of a recent study completed by Signature HealthCare regarding the impact of person-directed care practices on some of their communities.  Published in the Journal of Aging Science, their article shares the outcomes from a 5-year research project that focused on these five questions:

1. Is there a relationship between person-directed care and culture change on quality of life and well-being in elders located in nursing homes?

2. How are occupancy rates and finance affected by the introduction of the person-directed care solution?

3. How is the prevalence of return to hospital (RTH) affected by the introduction of the person-directed care solution?

4. How are CMS 5-star ratings affected by the introduction of person-directed care solution?

5. What are the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the utilization of the person-directed care solution reported by key stakeholders?

Metrics for the study were based on the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative Philosophy and whether the organizations involved met specific goals associated with each principle.

Check out the complete article,“Aging Well. Promoting Person-Directed Care.” in the Journal of Aging Science.

Laura Beck, The Eden Alternative

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