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The Eden Journey in South Africa is picking up speed!

We are thrilled that Mooihawe (Free State Care in Action) in Bloemfontein, Pietermaritzburg and District Council for the Care of the Aged, as well as Queenshaven in Pretoria, have bought Milestone 1 of the Path to Mastery. This guide can be compared to a GPS – it gives insight into the process of culture change, and guides the team towards sustainable change.

The challenges of culture change cannot be underestimated. Take our beloved country as an example – we have been at it for 19 years trying to change our culture, and yet more and more challenges arise every day. However culture change is not about a destination. It is indeed the journey in itself that is fulfilling, meaningful and engaging. When one has a utopian vision ahead, the daily miracles are often overlooked in the process. Like a garden, this journey is not about the fruit only. In South Africa we are in the midst of autumn at the moment. The turning of the vines and oak trees is a reminder to us that there is also a time to rest, to contemplate, to take stock, to reflect. This journey also brings frost often when one is most unprepared. But the wise gardener knows how to protect and nurture. When living in Cape Town we are akin to veld fires – our beautiful Table Mountain has been under siege with the most devastating fires. However , as a result of the last horrible fire, some fynbos seeds have sprouted for the first time in decades! So – let us look at the seasons and tribulations with “Eden Eyes” and let nature nurture itself in our homes.

The Path to Mastery will be your gardener’s companion on this wonderful, exciting journey that you are embarking upon. Let not the wildness of the seasons stop you from digging deep, planting in fertile soil and reaping the harvest of a life worth living for your residents and staff.

Remember  that your garden can also bring joy to many others – do not hide your successes! We need your stories and by sharing, you can inspire others who might think that paving makes more sense than the hard work of growing a garden!

Please email us or post on Facebook – share your experiences – so that you too can contribute to the change that is happening in the culture of care in South Africa!

Rayne Stroebel

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