Improving the lives of older people
and their carers by transforming the
communities in which they live and work"

Research & Data

Aging Well: Promoting Person-Directed Care

Case Studies in Person-Directed Care: Westminster Thurber – A Case for Implementation

UK Study Finds Use of Psychotropic Drugs Nearly Eliminated Under Eden Alternative

Eden Alternative – Dr. Bill Thomas

Outcomes From Home that Implemented Eden Principles and Examples 

Culture Change Increases Occupancy and Revenue, Study Finds
A new study published in the 2010 Seniors Housing & Care Journal found that nursing homes that embrace and sustain culture change achieved higher occupancy rates and increased revenue

Eden Publications in peer review academic journals

Dr. Amy Elliott, Senior Policy Analyst for Pioneer Network and the member the Eden Alternative Research Team recently introduced a new publication series at the 2011 Colorado Accord.

Vol.1, No 1 Artifacts of Culture Change Benchmark Reports,
4/1/10-3/31/11 (DOWNLOAD PDF)
Vol.1, No 2 Positive Outcomes of Culture Change:
The Case for Adoption (DOWNLOAD PDF)


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