Improving the lives of older people
and their carers by transforming the
communities in which they live and work"

The Journey to Elder Centred Communities

The Eden Alternative is a fast growing philosophy that seeks to change the culture of today's old age homes, care facilities, and other residential care settings, from sterile medical institutions to human habitats - environments where residents want to live and carers enjoy working. This pioneering approach provides a framework for re-modelling the world of long-term care of older people. It focuses on the provision of an environment that encourages the continuation of residents' personal growth rather than their decline.

The core concept of the Eden Alternative is simple: to teach ourselves to see old age homes, care facilities, and residential care homes, as communities rather than facilities for the frail and elderly. Creating elder-centred communities that encourage active care for plants and animals, as well as interactions with other adults and children, promotes a positive lifestyle. This, in turn, enables elders to live happier, longer and healthier lives, while simultaneously reducing the need for medical intervention and drug therapies.

Our Vision, Mission and Principles

Our Mission

To improve the well-being of Elders and their care partners.

Our Vision

To eliminate loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.

Our Principles

The Eden Alternative Ten Principles.

The Eden Alternative's principle-based philosophy empowers care partners to transform institutional approaches to care into the creation of a community where life is worth living.

Led by our internationally-recognised founder, Dr William Thomas, we apply our 20 years of experience to guiding organisations through the journey of culture change.

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Becoming and staying well known is essential for well-being. Being connected to our past is especially important to people living with dementia.
Technology is now making it easier for families and those closely involved to connect a person living with dementia with their life story, music from their youth and favourite images of family, events and places.
GreyMatters is an app developed my a granddaughter to bring back those important memories and feeling of connection and security for her grandmother.

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