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We are passionate about the transformational power of The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being®️ and how they promote Whole Person Wellness©

We strive to create communities where older people and those who support them can foster authentic, inter-reliable relationships. As Africans, we know and understand Ubuntu – that a person becomes a person through other persons – as the ethos of genuine human care and togetherness.


 “Ubuntu is short for an isiXhosa proverb in Southern Africa. It comes from Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu: a person is a person through their relationship with others” (Swanson, 2007, p. 55).

“Whatever happens to the individual happens to the whole group, and whatever happens to the whole group happens to the individual. The individual can only say: ‘I am, because we are and since we are, therefore I am.’  This is a cardinal point in the understanding of the African view of man” (Mbiti, 1969, p. 106, quoted in Khupe and Keane, 2017, p. 27)


The Eden Alternative South Africa is proud to work in collaboration with GERATEC in supporting older persons in accessing a wide range of value-added services that enhance their quality of life.  GERATEC specializes in caring for unique individuals in unique ways and focusing on the person behind the symptoms.

The Eden Alternative South Africa is proud to collaborate with the International Longevity Centre-South Africa (ILCSA) and to engage with center’s in multi-country research projects, particularly in the areas of care and
dementia, as well as to engage in research aimed at advocacy and new policy
formation in South Africa.

Meet The Team

Dr Rayne Stroebel is passionate about changing the narrative of ageing. As Eden Alternative regional coordinator for South Africa, he encourages organizational, personal and physical transformation. A skilled public speaker and educator, Rayne has trained more than 3000 caregivers, spoken at many international conferences and stimulated different approaches to caring for older people.

Lisl Foss is a practising psychotherapist and Eden Mentor, helping people to manage the important transitions of life and to address the challenges of flourishing into older age. She is inspired by our ongoing capacity to change and become more fully alive, promoting practices which enable dignity, security and meaning during all stages and in all contexts.

Willem Myburgh is an experienced support worker who has worked in communal and private residential settings providing support and companionship to older people on the autistic spectrum and those living with dementia. As Eden Mentor, his goal is to better the awareness and understanding of relationship-directed support incorporating The Eden Domains of Well-Being©.