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What We Offer

The Eden Alternative offers opportunities for GROWTH through sharing Knowledge, Information, Skills and Training, Tools and Resources and promotes Supportive Learning and Growth Environments.


The opportunity to create a deeper understanding of ageing and the being-in-the-world of older people within societies. We encourage older people to take centre stage in their own lives and to direct the way in which they want to live.

“Sagner (1999) and Makoni and Stroeken (2002) describe Elderliness as pertaining to the social and personal experience of ‘being old’, in particular the meaning of being old, as ascribed to those who are viewed as old – or as older” (Stroebel, Rayne, 2022 PhD Thesis, p. 30).


Creating a ‘clearinghouse’ for research and writings on best practices in leadership as well as organisational-, personal- and physical transformation in the Care Sector. We also provide up-to-date information on the lived reality and best practices of support and care for people living with dementia.

Skills & Training

Through our workshops, webinars and social media platforms we make available growth and development opportunities for everyone working and living with older people. Our offerings are tailored to the South African Care sector by experts who have worked within the field for many years, with an understanding of the sociopolitical landscape and its challenges.

Tools & Resources

The Eden Alternative has developed many practical, user-friendly tools and resources that promote growth through experiential learning. We provide access to screening and assessment tools to measure growth and track development. Our workshops include practical guidelines to support all Care Partners on their culture change journey.

Supportive Networks

We aim to create a supportive learning network of like-minded people who will connect, grow and develop empowered relationships on a continuous basis.